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I make products in-house both for building health and health maintenance as well as producing custom formulations to meet my clients’ current needs. I choose to use only the highest quality ingredients available from known, reputable sources, either certified organic or sustainably wildcrafted, and I treat them in such a way as to preserve their holistic benefits. I also recognize that there are superior quality products available from specialized practitioners that may be better suited to an individual’s needs, so I maintain Practitioner accounts with the highest quality dietary and herbal supplement distributors and will either source those products for you or provide recommendations for you to purchase them directly. I am often able to pass on discounts offered to keep these options accessible and affordable to you.  I also belong to a local network for referrals to other health practitioners as part of an overall wellness approach for body work, lab testing, or mind-soul support.  I also make products for your pet dogs and cats!

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What is important to understand about the conventional medical institutions of today is that model is dependent upon 1) a medically diagnosed disease, and 2) a licensed medical procedure or pharmaceutical treatment for said disease. Although these methods can offer effective treatments for many conditions, there are times when a diagnosis is not achievable, but the discomfort is still there. Rather than take a pharmaceutical drug to abate the symptoms, why not try to uncover the root cause and restore normal function BEFORE the "disease" progresses.  Pharmaceuticals can also present many challenges to health, including serious side effects and, in some cases, can cause damage to healthy organs, systems and cellular functions. I offer herbal preparations that can be used as stand-alone therapies (e.g. phyto-nutrition) or as adjunct supportive care (e.g. building resilience and inhibiting side effects). More importantly, herbs can often work synergistically with conventional treatments to improve effectiveness and outcomes.

By law, an herbalist cannot make any claims that could be considered diagnosing, treating, or curing disease. As a practicing Functional Herbalist, I make no such claims. My goal is to support each client by assessing the causes of dysfunction in their body and identify ways to restore normal function. Our bodies, our minds, and our souls have amazing healing abilities if we remove the obstacles to health and provide the essentials required for healthy function. 

I’m happy to take email or phone orders for simple responses for supportive care.  I make seasonal remedies, like Elderberry Syrup for cold and flu support, which is, BTW, made with the amazing healing properties of honey harvested from my own sweet little honey bee hives. I can provide salves for healing wounds, herbal teas for supporting good health, and a broad range of herbal tinctures for everything from managing anxiety, stress to hormones and sleep cycles, and I still make some great culinary spice blends to supercharge your family’s meals with great flavor and health benefits.

I do offer consultations if you just need to get my thoughts on the track that you’ve put yourself on or I can take the long road to help you understand and address the underlying cause of your dysfunction, to provide support for your body’s own natural healing abilities, or to manage and support other treatments you are engaged in. This is where we sit and share a cup of herbal tea, I listen to your story, do a full health workup, formulate a plan, assist you to implement it, and engage in scheduled follow-up sessions, as needed, to assure you get the support that you need along the way. If this is what best serves your needs, I will email you an intake form for you to fill out, which includes valuable information related to your personal history/diet/supplements/medications and lifestyle, lab tests, your family history of disease, medical history of diagnoses and treatments, as well as questions aimed at determining your constitutional tendencies, symptomology, and concerns.  Once you have returned that completed form, I can schedule an intake appointment and I’ll put the tea kettle on before you arrive.​

About our Services

No charge for phone or email orders of supportive care products (e.g. indigestion support, menopausal support, sleep support, culinary spice blends, etc) or seasonal products (e.g. elderberry syrup, seasonal allergy relief, mosquito spray, etc.), except, of course, the charge for the products. If you need a quick fix for any acute problem, just send me an email, text or call me.  I have over a hundred herbs, extracts and essential oils in stock, and I am ready to get you the help that you need.

I personally meet with clients in a private setting or by phone or internet session to perform their intake and review of the intake information that you provided. Once that intake is complete, I’ll spend hours to days analyzing all of this information, researching related references and developing a plan to fit your specific needs, which may include dietary analysis and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, as well as herbal products to meet your needs. I’ll provide the resources that you need to follow through with all of my recommendations and do my best to prioritize the maximum benefits from recommended products within your budget. When indicated, I typically do a follow up phone call in about 3-4 weeks to see how you are progressing toward implementing the plan, as it typically takes that long to see any improvements.  Of course, it is imperative that you contact me sooner if you have any adverse reactions or have difficulties sourcing any of the recommendations that I made. I am your support advocate, but it is up to you to implement the plan.

One-time Illness/Injury Supportive Consultation fee ranges from $20 to $120.00.  This is for a phone or email exchange regarding an acute illness or injury and includes review of symptoms and recommended herbal preparations or nutritional supplements to aid healing and recovery or reduce discomfort.  For example, a simple conversation to assess sprained ankle or digestive upset that would result in a recommendation of an herbal salve or tea would cost $20 plus the cost of the herbal product offered.  Whereas, a skin rash that would require a more intensive intake to assess its underlying factors may cost $120 in order to review all of the possible causes, plus the cost of the herbal products used to calm the rash and aid healing.  Requested follow-up consultations regarding the original concern are offered at the same rate as the initial fee.

One-time Wellness Consultation fee is $225.00.  This includes a 90-minute phone, video or in-person session for those who want to learn how herbs and supplements can help support them with a particular goal or concern.  The one-time consultation includes a complete health intake and assessment focused on your specific area of concern as well as addressing any related constitutional imbalances and formulating a detailed customized protocol in response to those assessments. This fee does not include any of the herbal preparations and nutritional supplement recommendations, but these are offered for purchase separately both from preparations that I make in-house as well as those available for purchase from reputable sources. If ongoing supplement costs are of concern, many times I can pass along discounts from supplement distributors to help those who are financially challenged in achieving their health goals. Includes one follow up phone call to assess improvement. If additional support is required, subsequent 30-minute consultations regarding the original condition will be charged at $75.00 each.

Three-Month Wellness Revival Packages start at $450.00. This package is strongly recommended for someone with long-term, chronic, or multiple health concerns seeking support in developing a plan to improve healthy function and vitality or for those who are undergoing traditional medical care and want to incorporate holistic herbal and nutritional support in their efforts. The goals of this three-month commitment are to determine how herbal preparations and nutritional supplements can reduce the discomforts associated with their primary medical treatments, improve the efficacy of those treatments, and/or improve their quality of life.  Clients who are committed, focused and ready to proactively embrace and support their own abilities to heal tend to have the best outcomes. This fee includes an initial 90-minute comprehensive initial intake (including physical assessment, diet and lifestyle), review of medical history and past/current treatments, as well as recent lab work, concerns with side effects of treatments and other related considerations and obstacles that impact the person’s health. I use this information to define the goals to be worked toward and providing the client with a 3-month plan aimed at achieving those goals. This may include researching herb/drug interactions and formulating herbal and nutritional support specific to the clients’ needs.  Custom herbal preparations to support the clients’ goals will be offered at additional cost(s).  Includes two monthly 30-minute follow up phone calls (additional follow ups at $75.00 each).


Information found on this site should not be taken as counsel or advice. If you need medical assistance, contact a licensed health professional.

We apologize that we are not able to provide more information about the traditional uses of medicinal herbs. FDA regulations view this information as making medical claims. We encourage you to educate yourself and read, read, read about herb uses as we follow the current rules: “This statement was not evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” 

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