Motion Sick $8.00

Open Up (Sinus) $8.00

Personal Pendant Clay Diffusers 

             (great for hanging on your rear view mirror or computer monitor)                                                                               

Grounded (Anxiety) $18.00

               EO Apothecary            

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase our 10ml essential oil bottles..

Smudge Stick $10.00 

Wildcrafted White Stage 7-8"

to remove negative energy and purify the air

Frankincense $28.00

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase our herbal smoking blends



 Tobacco cessation aid   $8.00

Tea Tree $18.00



Lavender $18.00

Breathe Free $18.00

Soapstone diffuser with  beeswax tea light   $17.50

Thieves $28.00



Peppermint $18.00

Smoking Blends           

Organic herbal smoking blends for your pipe,  4-8 grams each

Organic Essential Oil Blends        10 ml




Shaman blend for Spiritual Meditation



settle nerves; marijuana cessation aid 





Medicine     Woman


Breathe Free $8.00

Grounded (Anxiety)


Personal Inhalers

of our organic essential oil blends for pocket or purse, medical grade plastic

with organic cotton refillable inhaler

Mental Acuity $18.00

Hot Flashes $8.00

Infinity Spiral




Mental Acuity $8.00

Thieves $8.00

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for vivid dream experiences