Cholesterol Balance Tea    $10.00

helps balance Total, HDL, and LDL      2 oz.                                                     

Smoking Blends                      $8.00

Organic herbal blends for your pipe           4-8 grams

Free - tobacco cessation aid

Fly - settle nerves; marijuana cessation aid

Dream - for vivid dream experiences

Vision - Shaman blend for Spiritual Meditation     


MusKel  Salve      $16.00 

Speeds healing of injured bones, tendons, ligaments               2 oz.        

Get Well Soon!  gift basket             $27.50   

Three times the power to stop your flu or cold:  

Feel Better Soon Tea, Elderberry Syrup, and Chicken Soup for the Soul

in a gift bag with card ($36.50 value)

Heart Health $20.00

Tincture                  2 oz.

alcohol based


Inflammation   $20.00

Tincture                         2 oz.

alcohol based


Chicken Soup  $9.00

         for the Soul

Organic soup starter    4 oz.


Hops Flowers       $20.00

alcohol based                         2 oz.

Immune Response $20.00

Ready for cold & flu season      2 oz.

alcohol based

Mental Clarity Tincture  $20.00

Focus and aptitude    2 oz.

alcohol base                     

Natural Supplements

Teas, tinctures, oils and salves to protect, support healing, and boost your body functions to optimize your health naturally.

High Mineral

Fire Cider Tonic     $12.00

Medicinal culinary herbs extracted in organic apple cider vinegar & honey, as a dressing or as a tonic to support immunity                     8 oz.

Rash Salve 12.00  

calms the rash and cools the itch of psoriasis, eczema, and other red, inflamed skin conditions           1 oz.     

Muscle Ache Salve  $12.00

for achy muscle and joints        2 oz.

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Sleepy Time      


Help falling and staying asleep, waking refreshed         2 oz. 

alcohol based

Anxiety & Focus  $20.00

Non-alcohol - especially formulated for adolescent issues with peer pressure and scholastic ability     2 oz.

gylcerine based            

ECM Cleanse $20.00

  Tincture  2 oz.

  and lymph mover

  alcohol based

Throat Spray   $12.00

Sore, irritated, dry throats, strained vocals               4 oz.

Feel Better Soon  Tea  $10.00 

Cold & Flu Tea                  2 oz.                                                     

Personal Inhalers for pocket or purse, medical grade plastic with organic cotton refillable inhaler $8/each

   Hot Flashes!          Grounded (anxiety)           Breathe Free  

Deep Pockets     $20.00

Dental rinse for healthier gums    2 oz.          alcohol based

Stress & Anxiety        $20.00

Calming and uplifting           2 oz.

alcohol based

Mental Focus Tea   $10.00

Clear and centered                 2 oz.

Fungal Salve       $10.00

athlete's foot and other topical fungal problems          1 oz.  


Daily Nourish/Tonic Tea  $10.00

loaded with nutrients                              2  oz.                                                     

Muscle Soak  $10.00

Therapeutic Epsom and Mediterranean sea salt infused with essential oils to reduce muscles aches and pains                       8 oz.

Hair & Scalp Tonic            $15.00     

nutrition for your hair and scalp!  Helps regrow hair lost due to health imbalances or illness.                                 8 oz.

Sinusitis Rinse      $15.00

Sinus irritation/inflammation   1 oz.

glycerine based


Sinisitis Rinse, herbal drops for your sinus rinse bottle or neti pot to rid lingering sinus irritation


7 Medicinal Mushroom Blend! Immunomodulating SuperStar!

Rash Salve

Nerve Pain Salve

Poison Ivy/Oak Salve

Indian Black Salve


Itch Salve             $10.00

Sooth and stop the itch!        1 oz.

Relaxation in a Cup Tea   $10.00

De-stress and relax                             2 oz.

Holy Basil   $20.00

Tincture                  2 oz.

alcohol based


Medicine Woman Herbs


Only the purest natural and organic ingredients create holistic remedies for


Happy Hormones      $20.00

for those days when you need a little help coping with raging hormones          2 oz.

alcohol based

Every Woman's Tea $10.00

Nourishes reproductive, nervous, structural systems  and hormones  2 oz.

Cowboy Up       $20.00

erectile dysfunction

alcohol based                     2 oz.

Breathe Easy      


improve respiratory function

alcohol based             2 oz.

Adrenal Support     


tonic formula     

alcohol based      2 oz.

Nerve/Pain Salve $12.00

sharp nerve pain/inflammation, pinched nerves, sciatica, wounds with nerve trauma, general nerve problems       1 oz.     

Cramp Relief       $20.00

all muscle aches, menstrual cramps, digestive cramps                         2 oz.

alcohol based

Parasite Cleanse      $20.00

intestinal parasites                      2 oz.

alcohol based

Morning Smoothie Blend              $18.00     

loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and super nutrition!                                 8 oz.

Digestive Tonic Tea  $10.00

Sooth and improve digestion       2 oz.                                                     

Chai Energy Tea          $12.00

boost your energy naturally             4 oz.

Medicine Woman


Airborne Allergies  $20.00

Natural Antihistimine           2 oz.

alcohol base

Elderberry Syrup     $12.00

Boost immunity, prevent

and reduce cold and flu   4 oz.

Hibiscus Green Tea   $10.00

Cooling antioxidant, soothes  excess stomach acid                                2 oz.

For Your Eyes Only   $10.00

Nourishment to protect and strengthen your eyesight                                                 2 oz.                                                     

Diffusers:  Soapstonewith beeswax tea light   $17.50

Personal Pendant Clay Diffusers (great for hanging on your rear view mirror or computer monitor)          ($8.00/ea):

  Flower                                     Spiral                                      Leaf 

Anti-Viral      $20.00

take at onset of viral symptoms       

alcohol based      2 oz.

Calendula Salve   $10.00

Soothing to insect stings, bites, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, cuts, bruises, chapped lips, hemorrhoids, sunburn, scratches      1 oz.

Wonder Salve   $10.00

Cuts, scraps, burns, bruises     1 oz.

Heart Lifter Tea       $10.00

Lift you spirits, find peace     2 oz.                                                     

Respiratory Tonic Tea  $10.00

Decongest and breathe easier     2 oz.

Immune Balance Tea $14.50

Medicinal mushrooms and herbal roots to modulate overactive immune function                             4 oz.

EO Apothecary    Organic Essential Oil Blends        10 ml

Breathe Free $15.00   CALM $15.00   Lavender $15.00   Tea Tree $15.00  Thieves $25.00    Scar & Stretch                                                                                                                                                                Roll-On $15.00                                                                                                                                                             (in Sweet Almond &                                                                                                                                                                                                  Grapeseed carrier oils)


Shrooms                         $20.00

7 Mushroom Blend! Reishi, Shitake, Maitake, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps; Immune modulating   2 oz.

alcohol based

The Skinny on Weight Loss Tea    $10.00

flush fat cells from your body     2  oz.                                                     

Structural Support   $20.00

Strengthen muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments                             2 oz.

alcohol based

Women Rule        $20.00

hormone balancing, puberty to

menopause           2 oz.​                            

alcohol based

Smudge Stick $10.00

Wildcrafted White Stage 8-9"

removes negative energy and purifies the air

Digestive Bitters      $20.00

Jump start digestion, improve assimilation of nutrients    2 oz.

alcohol based

Indian Black Salve  $16.00

topical for removal of warts, skin tags, moles and other unwanted growths        2 oz.     

Golden Milk               $12.50

Anti-inflammatory sleep aid       8 oz.

Two of the best herbal supplements in a powder; add to warm milk

Liver Cleanse Tea $12.00

Detox and tonic     4 oz.

Kidney Tonic Tea   $10.00

Gently cleanse and sooth     2 oz.

Energy Tonic     $20.00

  Tincture  2 oz.

  for chronic fatique

  alcohol based

Oh, Momma!         $10.00

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Tea     2 oz.



Migraine headache $20.00

Relieves vascular constriction, aids with light sensitivity, nausea      2 oz.

alcohol based

Gut Health Tea         $10.00

Repair leaky gut                           2 oz.

Poison Ivy/Oak Salve $16.00

cools the irritation and calms the itch, pulls out toxins    2 oz.     

Free & Easy     $20.00

Anondyne and Relaxant           2 oz.

specific to nerve and musculoskeletal pain​                             alcohol based

Green Tea                     $10.00

Organically grown in the USA from high quality green tea (not from China)                        3 oz.                                                     

Stamina                 $20.00

Improve physical endurance    2 oz.

alcohol based

Trauma            $20.00

slowly heal suppressed trauma   2 oz.

alcohol based