Muscle Soak  $10.00

Therapeutic Epsom and Mediterranean sea salt infused with essential oils to reduce muscles aches and pains                       8 oz.

Hair & Scalp Tonic            $15.00     

nutrition for your hair and scalp!  Helps regrow hair lost due to health imbalances or illness.                                 8 oz.

Cowboy Up       $20.00

erectile dysfunction

alcohol based                     2 oz.

Breathe Easy      


improve respiratory function

alcohol based             2 oz.

Smudge Stick $10.00

Wildcrafted White Stage 8-9"

removes negative energy and purifies the air

Digestive Bitters      $20.00

Jump start digestion, improve assimilation of nutrients    2 oz.

alcohol based

Nerve/Pain Salve $12.00

sharp nerve pain/inflammation, pinched nerves, sciatica, wounds with nerve trauma, general nerve problems       1 oz.     

Cramp Relief       $20.00

all muscle aches, menstrual cramps, digestive cramps                         2 oz.

alcohol based

Parasite Cleanse      $20.00

intestinal parasites                      2 oz.

alcohol based

Mental Focus Tea   $10.00

Clear and centered                 2 oz.

Relaxation in a Cup Tea   $10.00

De-stress and relax                             2 oz.

Chai Energy Tea          $12.00

boost your energy naturally             4 oz.

Sinusitis Rinse      $15.00

Sinus irritation/inflammation   1 oz.

glycerine based

Immune Balance Tea $14.50

Medicinal mushrooms and herbal roots to modulate overactive immune function                             4 oz.

EO Apothecary    Organic Essential Oil Blends        10 ml

Breathe Free $15.00   CALM $15.00   Lavender $15.00   Tea Tree $15.00  Thieves $25.00    Scar & Stretch                                                                                                                                                                Roll-On $15.00                                                                                                                                                             (in Sweet Almond &                                                                                                                                                                                                  Grapeseed carrier oils)


Anxiety & Focus  $20.00

Non-alcohol - especially formulated for adolescent issues with peer pressure and scholastic ability     2 oz.

gylcerine based            

ECM Cleanse $20.00

  Tincture  2 oz.

  and lymph mover

  alcohol based

Green Tea                     $10.00

Organically grown in the USA from high quality green tea (not from China)                        3 oz.                                                     

Women Rule        $20.00

hormone balancing, puberty to

menopause           2 oz.​                            

alcohol based

Feel Better Soon  Tea  $10.00 

Cold & Flu Tea                  2 oz.                                                     

Personal Inhalers for pocket or purse, medical grade plastic with organic cotton refillable inhaler $8/each

   Hot Flashes!          Grounded (anxiety)           Breathe Free  

Digestive Tonic Tea  $10.00

Sooth and improve digestion       2 oz.                                                     

Kidney Tonic Tea   $10.00

Gently cleanse and sooth     2 oz.

Daily Nourish/Tonic Tea  $10.00

loaded with nutrients                              2  oz.                                                     

Medicine Woman Herbs


Only the purest natural and organic ingredients create holistic remedies for



Sinisitis Rinse, herbal drops for your sinus rinse bottle or neti pot to rid lingering sinus irritation


7 Medicinal Mushroom Blend! Immunomodulating SuperStar!

DermaCalm Rash Salve

Nerve Pain Salve

Poison Ivy/Oak Salve

Indian Black Salve


Liver Cleanse Tea $12.00

Detox and tonic     4 oz.

Mental Clarity Tincture  $20.00

Focus and aptitude    2 oz.

alcohol base                     

Medicine Woman


High Mineral

Fire Cider Tonic     $12.00

Medicinal culinary herbs extracted in organic apple cider vinegar & honey, as a dressing or as a tonic to support immunity                     8 oz.

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Free Shipping on all orders $49 or more! (continental U.S.)

Gut Health Tea         $10.00

Repair leaky gut                           2 oz.

Poison Ivy/Oak Salve $16.00

cools the irritation and calms the itch, pulls out toxins    2 oz.     

Hibiscus Green Tea   $10.00

Cooling antioxidant, soothes  excess stomach acid                                2 oz.

For Your Eyes Only   $10.00

Nourishment to protect and strengthen your eyesight                                                 2 oz.                                                     

Diffusers:  Soapstonewith beeswax tea light   $17.50

Personal Pendant Clay Diffusers (great for hanging on your rear view mirror or computer monitor)          ($8.00/ea):

  Flower                                     Spiral                                      Leaf 

Itch Salve             $10.00

Sooth and stop the itch!        1 oz.

Calendula Salve   $10.00

Soothing to insect stings, bites, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, cuts, bruises, chapped lips, hemorrhoids, sunburn, scratches      1 oz.

Immune Response $20.00

Ready for cold & flu season      2 oz.

alcohol based

Natural Supplements

Teas, tinctures, oils and salves to protect, support healing, and boost your body functions to optimize your health naturally.

Migraine headache $20.00

Relieves vascular constriction, aids with light sensitivity, nausea      2 oz.

alcohol based

Muscle Ache Salve  $12.00

for achy muscle and joints        2 oz.

Get Well Soon!  gift basket             $27.50   

Three times the power to stop your flu or cold:  

Feel Better Soon Tea, Elderberry Syrup, and Chicken Soup for the Soul

in a gift bag with card ($36.50 value)

Heart Health $20.00

Tincture                  2 oz.

alcohol based


Inflammation   $20.00

Tincture                         2 oz.

alcohol based


Chicken Soup  $9.00

         for the Soul

Organic soup starter    4 oz.


Golden Milk               $12.50

Anti-inflammatory sleep aid       8 oz.

Two of the best herbal supplements in a powder; add to warm milk

Morning Smoothie Blend              $18.00     

loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and super nutrition!                                 8 oz.

Deep Pockets     $20.00

Dental rinse for healthier gums    2 oz.          alcohol based

Heart Lifter Tea       $10.00

Lift you spirits, find peace     2 oz.                                                     

Respiratory Tonic Tea  $10.00

Decongest and breathe easier     2 oz.

Holy Basil   $20.00

Tincture                  2 oz.

alcohol based


Rash Salve 12.00  

calms the rash and cools the itch of psoriasis, eczema, and other red, inflamed skin conditions           1 oz.     

The Skinny on Weight Loss Tea    $10.00

flush fat cells from your body     2  oz.                                                     

Structural Support   $20.00

Strengthen muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments                             2 oz.

alcohol based

Free & Easy     $20.00

Anondyne and Relaxant           2 oz.

specific to nerve and musculoskeletal pain​                             alcohol based

Throat Spray   $12.00

Sore, irritated, dry throats, strained vocals               4 oz.

Adrenal Support     


tonic formula     

alcohol based      2 oz.

Indian Black Salve  $16.00

topical for removal of warts, skin tags, moles and other unwanted growths        2 oz.     

Stress & Anxiety        $20.00

Calming and uplifting           2 oz.

alcohol based

Hops Flowers       $20.00

alcohol based                         2 oz.

Every Woman's Tea $10.00

Nourishes reproductive, nervous, structural systems  and hormones  2 oz.

Energy Tonic     $20.00

  Tincture  2 oz.

  for chronic fatique

  alcohol based

Oh, Momma!         $10.00

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Tea     2 oz.



Elderberry Syrup     $12.00

Boost immunity, prevent

and reduce cold and flu   4 oz.

Trauma            $20.00

slowly heal suppressed trauma   2 oz.

alcohol based

Cholesterol Balance Tea    $10.00

helps balance Total, HDL, and LDL      2 oz.                                                     

Smoking Blends                      $8.00

Organic herbal blends for your pipe           4-8 grams

Free - tobacco cessation aid

Fly - settle nerves; marijuana cessation aid

Dream - for vivid dream experiences

Vision - Shaman blend for Spiritual Meditation     


MusKel  Salve      $16.00 

Speeds healing of injured bones, tendons, ligaments               2 oz.        

Anti-Viral      $20.00

take at onset of viral symptoms       

alcohol based      2 oz.

Wonder Salve   $10.00

Cuts, scraps, burns, bruises     1 oz.

Fungal Salve       $10.00

athlete's foot and other topical fungal problems          1 oz.  


Shrooms                         $20.00

7 Mushroom Blend! Reishi, Shitake, Maitake, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps; Immune modulating   2 oz.

alcohol based

Happy Hormones      $20.00

for those days when you need a little help coping with raging hormones          2 oz.

alcohol based

Airborne Allergies  $20.00

Natural Antihistimine           2 oz.

alcohol base

Sleepy Time      


Help falling and staying asleep, waking refreshed         2 oz. 

alcohol based

Stamina                 $20.00

Improve physical endurance    2 oz.

alcohol based