EO Apothecary    

Organic Essential Oil Blends        10 ml​​

    Acuity $18.00     Breathe Free $18.00     CALM $18.00       Frankincense $28.00       Lavender $18.00     

Peppermint $18.00     Tea Tree $18.00       Grounded (Anxiety) $18.00 ​   Thieves $28.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Shrooms                         $20.00

Double extract: 7 Mushroom Blend! Reishi, Shitake, Maitake, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps; Studies show medicinal mushrooms hold numerous health benefits, including immune modulation          .alcohol based         2 ox.

Blood Sugar            $20.00

studies show these herbs help balance blood sugar          alcohol based    2 oz.

Prostate Support      $20.00

Research shows these herbs support healthy prostate function          alcohol based          2 oz.

Cat Allergy      $20.00

Studies show this herb relieves allergic reactions to cat dander

alcohol based                     2 oz.

Holy Basil   $20.00

long-term tonic to help manage stress       

alcohol based        2 oz.


Personal Inhalers for pocket or purse, medical grade plastic with organic cotton refillable inhaler $8/each         Mental Acuity

Breathe Free      CALM           Grounded      Hot Flashes    Motion Sick       Open Up         Thieves


Dog & Cat Anxiety     $20.00

Studies show these herbs help reduce anxiety; great for pets when traveling, during thunderstorms, or fireworks                                   2 oz.

Liver Cleanse Tea $12.00

Researched herbs that gently support 

detox and tone the liver               4 oz.

Lymph & Urinary

Support       $20.00

Studies show these herbs move lymph and help clear toxins and support kidney and urinary tract               2 oz.


Miki Cook,

Functional Herbalist

​Assessment and Counseling

to Optimize Your Health

Dietary and Integritive Health Assessment

Functional Blood work Interpretation

​Methylation Support

Nutrition, Lifestyle and

Herbal Education & Protocols

​     We are currently only offering Consulting by               phone.  We offer intake appointments for a

    flat fee of $120.00, which includes the initial         consultation, review of lifestyle, blood work,

and basic nutritional analysis

and a follow-up, including recommendations.

Click below to purchase this great deal for yourself or someone that you care about.  We'll send you a New Client Intake Form. to get the process started. Please be sure to provide a valid email address and phone number in the box below.

New!  Dog & Cat Formulas!

                           (all are glycerine based) 

Daily Nourish/Tonic Tea $10.00

studies show these herbs are loaded with vitamins and minerals                             2  oz.                                                     

Love Your Liver   $20.00

Research shows that these herbs rejuvenate and tonify liver function        

glycerine based     2 oz


Enter phone and email address

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not meant to prevent, diagnose or treat any illness or disease.

​You must be at least 21 years old to purchase any alcohol based herbal tinctures.You must be at least 18 years old to purchase our 10ml essential oil bottles.

Hops Flowers

cools heat in the digestive tract       $20.00

alcohol based         2 oz.

Digestive Tonic Tea  $10.00

studies show these herbs sooth and improve the upper digestion  track    2 oz.                                                     

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not meant to prevent, diagnose or treat any illness or disease.

Cold Sore Salve    $10.00  

Studies show the anti-viral properties of these herbs calm herpes viral sore outbreaks        1 oz.

Flat Rate Shipping starting at $9.99!

Women Rule        $20.00

Research indicates these herbs help regulate hormones from puberty to menopause     alcohol based    2 oz.

Welcome to Medicine Woman Herbs Apothecary!

We have well over 100 organic herbs in our apothecary and nearly as many organic essential oils.  We offer herbal consultations and provide assessments, custom herbal formulations, and lifestyle recommendations with the goal of optimizing health and quality of life.  With regard to this work, we also do custom teas, tinctures, salves and aromatherapy blends for clients, as well as custom wellness plan protocols.  Please use our "Contact Us" form for more information. 

Deep Pockets     $20.00

Dental rinse blend of herbs that studies show improve health of gums 

2 oz.          alcohol based

Parasite Cleanse      $20.00

Research shows these herbs have antiparasitic activity                         alcohol based          2 oz.

Sleepy Time       $20.00

Studies show these herbs provide help falling and staying asleep, waking rested          alcohol based       2 oz.

Move the Crap!          $20.00

Studies indicate these herbs stimulate movement and relieve constipation   

alcohol based                      2 oz.

Heart Lifter Tea       $10.00

Lift you spirits, find peace, ease grief 2 oz.                                                     

Rash Salve 12.00  

studies show these herbs calm inflammation and cool the itch of

psoriasis, eczema, and other red, and inflamed skin conditions   1 oz. 

Every Woman's Tea $10.00

studies show these herbs are nourishing to reproductive, nervous, structural systems  and hormones                    2 oz.

Green Tea                     $10.00

Organically grown in the USA from high quality green tea (not from China)                        3 oz.                                                     

Stamina                 $20.00

Studies show these herbs help improve physical endurance    

alcohol based                           2 oz.

Indian Black Salve  $12.00

studies show these herbs are effective topically for removal of warts, moles

and other unwanted growths       1 oz.     

Medicine Woman


Sinusitis Rinse      $15.00

Studies show this herb helps with sinus irritation/inflammation   glycerine based               1 oz.

Gut Health Tea         $10.00

studies show these herbs help calm irritated intestinal tissue                                         2 oz.

Menopeasy        $20.00

Studies indicate these herbs reduce irritability, hot flashes, and night sweats associated with menopause                  alcohol based   2 oz.

Digestive Bitters   $20.00

Studies show these herbs help to jump start digestion and improve assimilation of nutrients 

alcohol based     2 oz.

Antimicrobial Bitters     $20.00

herbs with research on reducing microbial activity contributing to digestive issues  

alcohol based      

2 oz.

Relaxation in a Cup 

Tea   $10.00

Delicious herbal tea to help you de-stress and relax                2 oz.

Endocrine & Immune $20.00

Research indicates these herbs support healthy immune function under stress                                 alcohol based  2 oz.

CardioVein Tonic   $20.00

Studies show these herbs relief venous congestion

alcohol based                     2 oz.

Anti-Viral      $20.00

herbs with research on virus-fighting abilities, take at onset of viral symptoms       alcohol based      2 oz.

Cowboy Up       $20.00

Studies show these herbs address erectile dysfunction

alcohol based                     2 oz.

Trauma            $20.00

Studies show these herbs help with trauma resolution              alcohol based        2 oz.

Sober Companion       $20.00

Studies show these herbs help reduce the urge to drink alcohol

glycerine based                           2 oz.

Morning Smoothie Blend              $18.00     

Studies show these herbs are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and super nutrition!        8 oz.

Indigestion Relief $20.00

Research shows that these heal damage contributing to acid reflux  2 oz


High Mineral    

Fire Cider Tonic     $12.00

Medicinal culinary herbs extracted in organic apple cider vinegar & honey, as a dressing or as a tonic (studies show to support immunity)                     8 oz.

Diffusers:  Soapstonewith  beeswax tea light   $17.50

Personal Pendant Clay Diffusers (great for hanging on your rear view mirror or computer monitor)          

  Flower                   Spiral                         Leaf                                           Rose                                 $8.00/ea.

Mental Focus Tea   $10.00

Studies show these herbs support clear and centered brain function                          2 oz.

Muscle Soak  $10.00

Research on therapeutic Epsom and Mediterranean sea salts infused with essential oils indicate reduction in muscles aches and pains         8 oz.

Scar & Stretch Salve       $10.00   research on these herbs show improvement in athlete's foot and other topical fungal problems    1 oz.


SuperPowers         $20.00

Longevity Tonic      

Traditionally, these herbs are used as anti-aging and to support healthy mind, body and spirit              alcohol based         2 oz.

Dog & Cat Digestive Tonic    $20.00

Studies show these herbs help calm and soothe the digestive tract and improve nutrition                      2 oz.

Cramp Relief       $20.00

Research shows these herbs relieve muscle aches, as well as menstrual and digestive cramps                        alcohol based      2 oz.

Fertile Ground   $20.00

Studies indicate these herbs enhance female reproductive health          2 oz.

Calendula Salve  


Studies show Calendula is soothing to insect stings, bites, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, cuts, bruises, chapped lips, hemorrhoids, sunburn, scratches                      1 oz.

We offer wellness products in the form of organic herbal teas, tinctures, powders and salves to support the bodies natural ability to heal and boost your body functions in order to optimize your health naturally.  The herbs selected for each formula are based on published research and clinical herbal studies for their specific properties and actions on related body systems.  Please use our "Contact Us" form for any questions related to ingredient (e.g. for pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergy or other concerns) or drug interactions.  

Oh, Momma!         $10.00

Studies show these herbs provide nourishment during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding      2 oz.



Hibiscus Green Tea   $10.00

These herbs provide cooling antioxidants, and studies show help to sooth  excess stomach acid                                2 oz.

Smudge Stick $10.00  Wildcrafted White Stage 7-8"

folk herbal use to remove negative energy and purify the air

Feel Better Soon  Tea  $10.00 

Research shows these herbs help relieveCold & Flu symptoms            2 oz.                                                     

Wonder Salve   $10.00

Studies show these herbs aid healing of cuts, scraps, burns, bruises     1 oz.

Chai Energy Tea          $12.00

research shows key herbs boost your energy naturally                             4 oz.

Migraine headache $20.00

Studies indicate these herbs relieve vascular constriction, aid with light sensitivity and nausea     alcohol based                      2 oz.

Free & Easy     $20.00

Research indicates the herbs act as anodyne and relaxants specific to nerve and musculoskeletal pain

alcohol based                                    2 oz.

Sniffles                         $20.00

Studies show these herbs stimulate immune response to fight infections                        alcohol based          2 oz.

Cholesterol Balance Tea    $10.00

studies show these herbs help balance 

Total, HDL, and LDL cholesterol         2 oz.                                                     

Tight Tissue Salve       $10.00    

research on these herbs show improvement in athlete's foot and other topical fungal problems   1 oz.  


Reishi Immune Tonic $20.00

Research shows                                supports immune                                health                                                Double extracct:                                water and alcohol                              base          2 oz.

Immune Balance Tea $14.50

Studies show medicinal mushrooms and herbal roots can help to modulate  immune function                          4 oz.

Elderberry Syrup     $12.00

Research indicates boosts immunity, prevent/reduce cold and flu   4 oz.

Adrenal Support $20.00

Research shows these tonic herbs support adrenal function  

alcohol based      2 oz.

Pre-Cycle Ease              $20.00

Research shows these herbs ease moodiness, cramping, and bloating associated with menstrual cycle         alcohol based          2 oz.

Medicine Woman Herbs


Only the purest natural and organic ingredients create holistic remedies for


Joint Support          $20.00

Studies show these herbs ease joint pain and irritation  2 oz.

Airborne Allergies $20.00

Studies show these herbs act as natural anti-histimine

alcohol base   2 oz.

Chicken Soup  $9.00

         for the Soul

Organic soup starter    4 oz.


Nerve/Pain Salve $12.00

Studies show these herbs help to relieve nerve pain and speed healing of wounds with nerve trauma    1 oz.     

Stress & Anxiety        $20.00

Studies show these herbs lessen anxiety and increase resilience to stressors                  alcohol based          2 oz.

Kidney Tonic Tea   $10.00

Studies show these herbs gently cleanse and soothe the kidneys     2 oz.

Smoking Blends                                  $8.00/ea.

Organic herbal blends for your pipe           4-8 grams

Free - tobacco cessation aid

Fly - settle nerves; marijuana cessation aid

Dream - for vivid dream experiences

Vision - Shaman blend for Spiritual Meditation     


MusKel  Salve  $16.00 

Studies show these herbs speed healing of

injured bones, tendons, ligaments       2 oz.        

Get Well Soon!  gift basket             $29.50   

Three times the power to stop your flu or cold:  

Feel Better Soon Tea, Elderberry Syrup, and Chicken Soup for the Soul

in a gift bag with card ($33.50 value)

Heart Health $20.00

Studies show these herbs  support healthy heart function      alcohol based              2 oz.


Fungal Salve       $12.00  

research on these herbs show improvement in athlete's foot and other topical fungal problems     1 oz.


Muscle Ache Salve  $16.00

Studies show these herbs help with achy muscles and joints 2 oz.

Dog & Cat Allergy      $20.00

Studies show these herbs help relieve runny eyes, stuffy sinuses, itchy skin and other allergy symptoms          2 oz.

Inflammation   $20.00

Research shows that these herbs relieve inflammation and associated pain          

alcohol based     2 oz


                     Golden Milk              $12.50

                                            Studies indicate these are two of the best                                                    herbal supplements that act as an

                                            anti-inflammatory sleep aid       8 oz.

                                            in a powder; add to warm milk

Mental Clarity Tincture  $20.00

Studies show these herbs help improve blood flow to the brain and strengthen neuron synapsis   

alcohol based                    2 oz.                     

Immune Support

ReishiImmune Support tincture

Extra Echinacea(with Astragalus)         Immune Support tincture

Elderberry Syrup (cold & flu)

​Endocrine & Immunetincture
 (immune stimulant) tincture

Sniffles (immune stimulant) tincture

Feel Better Soon Cold & Flu Tea


Immune BalanceTea

Throat Spray

Fire Cider Tonic & Salad Dressing 

Breathe Free, Open Up and Thieves Essential Oils and Inhalers

and don't forget to boost your health with our organic cooking spice blends (see "Healthy Spice Blends" in our "Products" menu)

Tooth Defense        $20.00

Studies show these herbs help improve tooth integrity             alcohol based        2 oz.

Respiratory Tonic Tea  $10.00

studies show these herbs help relieve congestion and help you breathe easier     2 oz.

Love Your Brain $15.00

Research shows that these herbs cross the blood-brain barrier and relieve inflammation        alcohol based     1 oz



Anxiety & Focus  $20.00

Non-alcohol - especially formulated herbs that studies show help with anxiety and mental focus     2 oz.

gylcerine based            

ECM Cleanse $20.00

Studies show these herbs move fluids within the extra-cellular matrix and lymph system to ease toxin load

  alcohol based 2 oz.

Ashwaganda powder          $18.00  

Studies show this herb improves sleep and increases thyroid hormone conversion     8 oz.

Extra Echinacea

Immune Support


Studies show these herbs support immune function for cold & flu season  

alcohol based         2 oz.

Love Me Tender Tea $10.00

Just makes you want to cuddle     2 oz.

Structural Support   $20.00

Studies show these herbs lessen tension and improve healing of tissue damage

alcohol based                                   2 oz.

Throat Spray      $12.00

Studies show these herbs calm sore, irritated, dry throats, strained vocals                                      4 oz.

For Your Eyes Only   $10.00

research indicates these herbs provide nourishment to protect and strengthen your eyesight              2 oz.                                                     

Itch Salve    $10.00  

Studies show these herbs sooth and stop the itch!             1 oz.

Sinus Defense Nasal Spray            $20.00

Studies show these herbs help with sinus irritation and inflammation  in a convenient nasal spray bottle                          alcohol based               2 oz.

Energy Tonic     $20.00

Research indicates these herbs help with chronic fatique                                  alcohol based  2 oz.

Poison Ivy/Oak Salve $16.00

Research indicates these herbs cool the irritation and calms the itch, pulls out toxins    2 oz.     

Breathe Easy   $20.00

studies show these herbs help relieve dry cough                      alcohol based    2 oz.

Happy Hormones      $20.00

Studies show these herbs help you cope  with raging hormones          alcohol based   2 oz.

The Skinny on Weight Loss Tea    $10.00

Studies indicate these herbs help flush fat

cells from your body                           2  oz.