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This spicy mix will boost your metabolism into high gear to help you shed those extra pounds!  Get ready for full, deep, complex flavor and some heat to get you moving. Studies show these spices are great for your heart, protect against cancer, environmental toxins and aging issues. Makes a great sauce!   

NEW!  Veggie Grill For everything else on the grill, this little Cubin blend makes veggies, empanadas, and marinades burst with flavor with herbs that aid in digestion, boost immune function, and help manage blood sugar.

Organic, flavorful spice blends make gourmet cooking easy.  Turning ordinary food into savory delicacies, these spice blends are packed with benefits to nourish your mind, heal your body, and protect your health.

Use this spice to aid in digestion, help your body ward off environmental toxins and cancer.  Deep, earthy flavor goes well in everything!  Use every day for everything!

Studies have shown that the organic spices in this proprietary blend support heart health, improve digestion and combat age-related issues, including skin problems, cancer, decline in immunity and memory.  Great for stir fry, pasta or in a sauce.  

Our spicy cocoa blend variation of the traditional South American drink.  Try it hot, cold, or as a libation!  See our "Recipes" section for ideas.

For everything else on the grill, this little Cubin blend makes veggies, empanadas, and marinades  burst with flavor!  Studies show the herbs aid in digestion, boost immune function, and help manage blood sugar.

A proprietary blend of organic spices, especially created to support digestion and metabolism, boost your immune system and diminish issues related to aging. Studies have shown these spices contain antioxidants to fight infections and environmental pollutants, as well as cancer, heart disease, cholesterol imbalance, osteoporosis, and age-related memory decline.  Use like jerk.    

                  All spice blends are salt-free except Stir Fry to Live By, Veggie Grill and Sea Salt + Trace

For red meat eaters, our Carnivore blend not only adds mouth-watering flavor to steaks, and studies show the herbs also inhibit the formation of carcinogens associated with grilling red meat.

Traditional Asian blend of spices that studies have shown fight cancer, heart disease, and the issues related to aging.  Great in stir fry, as a grill rub and for sauces.  

Bon Appetit

Love this on grilled Mahi Mahi, scallops or chicken!  Herbs de Provence blend for light summer flavor!

Only the purest natural and organic ingredients create holistic remedies to SAVOR . NOURISH . RESTORE

This spicy blend for that classic Mexican flavor on everything from Spanish rice to enchiladas and tacos.  Studies show these spices aid with digestion, protect your heart and guard against cancer.  And it will balance your Vata, too!   


Chef's Choice gift basket!

Send a gift of three of our gourmet spice blends to your favorite cook

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the purest sea salt, mined from deep in the Himalayan mountain, protected from contamination from pollutant for centuries.  A full-spectrum salt, containing 84 minerals and trace elements.

Put this in your pepper grinder as studies show these spices can improve digestion, boost your metabolism, and help to balance your cholesterol!  Plus, what a great flavor enhancer!

Soup starter blend, high in antibiotic, antiviral, and immune-boosting spices to fight off cold & flu germs

Ja'maican Me Healthy!

Blackened Jerk blend goes with chicken, pork, beef, and fish.  Great with fresh mango, grilled corn, and fresh cilantro from the garden!

This proprietary blend is great for stir-fry, but also makes an awesome rub, and studies show continued use of these organic spices will keep your cholesterol in balance by lowering total, LDL (bad), and triglycerides, while raising HDL (good).  Studies also report these spices provide defense against age-related issues, including heart disease and cancer. 

Everyone know that studies on the Mediterranean diet have shown that the spices in this organic blend boost immunity, stamina, mental function, and heart health. Use in everything from marinara to meatloaf.

Chef's Choice gift basket  $27.50

Choose any three spices, except Holy Mole.  Includes gift basket and Chef's Choice gift card ($32.00 value)

Medicine     Woman


Absolutely THE BEST MOLE SEASONING you'll ever taste!  Your family and friends will think you're a culinary genius!  And it's soooo easy!  Just sauté the pepper blend, add spices and broth, simmer and you're done.  Can't wait to taste it?  4 oz. tin is enough to season a dish to feed four hungry adults. 

Great on fish or as a gumbo base. The organic spices in this blend have research indicating that they aid in digestion and help your body ward off environmental toxins and cancer.  

Chef's agree: it's the best Herbs de Provence blend they've ever used!  Try on grilled Mahi Mahi or braised wild game!

Get out the Grill!

Healthy All-Weather Spice Blends!

​​Carnivore Grill Rub

Our flavorfull rub  or marinade for grilled meats, with herbs that inhibit carcinogens!