Medicine Woman


4 oz. $18.00

ReNu Skin Cleanser                $12.50

for all your skin problems, from acne to age spots, psoriasis to rosacea.   Organic Sugar, Organic Lemons, Honey, Proprietary blend of Organic Essential Oils                                                 1 oz

2 oz. $10.00

ReNu + Lift                                              $12.50

ReNu Cream with added essential oils that firm, lift, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles  Almond oil, Rosewater, Cocoa-Mango-Illipe Butter, Aloe, Lanolin, Calendula oil, Honey, Beeswax, Vit. A & E, Organic Essential Oils      1 oz

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Mosquito Season is here!

Bug Off

Organic essential oils in a witch hazel extract, smells heavenly! Repels mosquitos, ticks, and chiggers

Sun Worshipper

Aloe vera based sunscreen!!  Nourishing oils, organic essential oils.  2 oz. purse and 4 oz. pump.

Dry Skin Relief!

Body Elixir

Rich aloe vera, butters and oils soak you skin with healing, renewing moisture all summer long! 2 oz. purse and 4 oz. pump

2 oz. $10.00

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Bug-Off     $10.00

Witch Hazel emfulsified with organic essential oils.  Smells heavenly and a great mosquito repellent.             4 oz

Body Elixir     

2 oz. pocket/purse size $10.00 or 4 oz.  $18.00

Healing Aloe Vera with nourishing Cocoa, Mango, Shea, and Kokum butters, infused in Apricot Kernal, Sweet Almond, Avocado,  Calendula, Rosemary, and Vitamins A & E oils,  Lanolin, Lecithin, and organic essential oils provides deep skin moisturizing.                    

Sun Worshipper     

2 oz. pocket/purse size $10.00 or 4 oz.  $18.00

Healing and nourishing Aloe Vera base with organic Sweet Almond oil, organic Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Shea butter, Zinc Oxide, organic Red Raspberry seed oil, organic Carrot seed oil, Vitamin A & E, Beeswax, organic Essential oils                 

Sweet Orange & Lavender Body Scrub  $10.00

Organic raw and cane sugars infused with organic essential oils and lavender to invigorate, relax and enhance your mood, nourish your skin                                                           8 oz

Sun Worshipper Sunscreen 

2 oz. pocket/purse size $10.00 or 4 oz.  $18.00

Healing Aloe Vera gel with nourishing Shea butter and Avocado oil, oand organic Sweet Almond, Coconut, Red Raspberry seed oil, and Carrot seed oils, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin A & E, and organic Essential oils

Sweet Orange & Lavender Sugar Scrub!  Invigorating and relaxing essential oils infused in therapeutic grade Mediterranean Sea Salt and Epsom Salts.

4 oz. $18.00

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All natural, organic oils infused with organic herbs for damage repair, protection, and nurturing your delicate skin from sun, wind, and environmental damage.

Facial Gift Basket      $49.00

Choose four of our fabulous natural skin care products: (CG) Cleansing Grains, (RS) ReNuSkin cleanser, (CT) Cell Therapy Oil, (RL) ReNu+Lift, (RC) ReNu Cream, (RW) Rosewater, (HA) Healing Astringent,  (BE) Body Elixir (2 oz.), (SW) Sun Worshipper (2 ox.), (OL) Sweet Orange & Lavender Body Scrub.  Indicate 4 items in comments section of check-out process.  Delivered in a nice sustainable burlap gift basket. 

Healing Astringent    $12.50

for oily skin types to close pores and tighten skin. Rosewater, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Calendula, Comfrey, Lemon peel, organic 

Essential Oils                       2 oz.


Cell Therapy Oil      $15.00

Herbal infused EVOO stimulates new skin cells, apply after exfoliation as an   overnight treatment.  Organic EVOO infused with a proprietary blend of organic herbs and sea buckthorn, borage, calendula, and rosehip seed oils         2 oz

Rosewater Toner     $12.50

for normal to dry skin types, to close pores, retaining your skins natural moisture, keeping pollutants out of pores & tightening skin. Witch hazel infused with organic rose petals.  Pure & simple skin care.                2 oz.

ReNu Cream       $15.00

Wonderful daily moisturizer, Sweet Almond, Calendula, Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip seed, and Vitamins A & E oils with Rosewater, Cocoa Butter, Aloe, and Lanolin,    2 oz.

Cleansing Grains       $15.00

Natural exfoliant, gentle daily cleanser or use as a mask to draw impurities out of pores. Natural White Clay, organic Oats, Almonds, Chamomile, Lavender, Rose Petals, Rosemary, Soapwort, and Witch Hazel leaf 2 oz.


Only the purest organic and natural

ingredients create holistic remedies for