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​Discover the power of intention

​​​​Our Philosophy

Medicine Woman Herbs is dedicated to the belief that everything we need to live healthy, full lives has been provided for us in nature. Unfortunately, the world that most of us live in has replaced the natural order with challenges that ultimately impact our well-being. My work, as an herbalist, is to help my clients understand and navigate those challenges, as well as provide them with tools to overcome the effects that those have on their health. My goal is to support their efforts to improve their health status and quality of life.  

Nourish, Balance, and Restore


Medicine Woman Herbs operates as a boutique manufacturer of a variety of products to support the health of our clients.  All of the ingredients that we use are derived from nature, harvested at the peak of their potency with minimal processing. We make products in small, hand-craft batches and prepare custom formulations for clients to meet their needs. We never add chemicals for any reason, so you don't have to worry about what's hidden in the ingredients list that might do you harm.

Organically grown and processed herbs, essential oils, and spices are our first priority, and these are macerated in natural spring water and organic oils, glycerin, vinegar, and alcohol. In instances where organic selections are not available, any wildcrafted herbs are sustainably sourced from reputable vendors and processors. ​We recognize the importance of retaining the medicinal value of the raw ingredients, so we keep our inventory in airtight containers in a climate-controlled facility.  Stored ingredients are kept in total darkness to protect them from degradation due to heat, moisture and ultraviolet light.

All of our work and products are crafted with intention, to carry healing energy to mind, body, and spirit.  We rely on the wisdom of the ages of native medicine* combined with modern clinical research to craft products that support and restore us to a natural state of health through nurturing and balancing our own ability to heal. We pass along this bounty of knowledge to aid our customers in making educated purchasing decisions to take charge of their own health. 

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