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Functional Herbalist

​Assessment and Counseling

to Optimize Your Health

Dietary and Integritive Health Assessment

Functional Bloodwork Interpretation

Nutrition, Lifestyle and Herbal Protocols

We offer Consulting by phone and via Skype.

We offer intake appointments for

a flat fee of $120.00, which includes the initial consultation, review of lifestyle, bloodwork, and basic nutritional analysis and a follow-up, including recommendations.

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Ask the Herbalist!

Do you have a health concern that you'd like to get information on the right natural approach to healing?

Use the "Contact Us" page to submit your questions and we'll do our best to guide you in the right direction, even if it doesn't mean buying one of our products.

Need more help?  We know that many of you have more serious and/or complex health issues and you need a more detailed consultation and long-term support.  We're here to help you understand your health and recommend ways to support your body's ability to heal itself.  See below for more information and Our​ Special Offer to you.

Our Philosophy

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                          (to be amazing for you)

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  • highest quality natural and organic ingredients
  • sustainably sourced
  • supported by the wisdom of the ages and modern clinical research

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Flat Rate Shipping starting at $6.99!
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